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Which Building Should I Get?

The clearer you are on how you are going to use your building, the easier it will be for you to select the DANCO Building style that is best for you.  In the interest of helping you make your selection, consider these points:

  1. Will you (or someone else) be spending time in your building on a regular basis? If yes, then door type, windows, wall height, and radiant barrier are important. If no, then fewer windows are probably better.
  2. What kind of layout do you want when you step into your building? Do you want more space to your left and right and less space in front of you?  Or, do you want more space in front of you and less space to your left and right?  The answer determines whether your main door should be placed on the short side (end wall) or the long side (side wall) of your building.
  3. What is the widest and tallest thing that will be going into your building? Make sure the door(s) and the layout accommodate.
  4. What will be most important: open floor space, loft space, shelf space, or workbench space?
  5. Will you need ramps to get things up into your building?
  6. Will you be storing exceptionally heavy things inside of your building? If yes, then 12” on-center floor joists and ¾” flooring is better for you.
  7. Will you need electricity and lighting inside your building?
  8. Assuming that you will be looking at your building for a long time, what do you want to see when you look at it? Will you be okay with looking at a humble storage shed?  Or, will it feel a whole lot better to look at a stylistic and attractive building?